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The Dutch Foodie has taken sharing its foodie passions, recipes, nuggets of food folklore, little anecdotes, tips, tricks and recommendations to the next level!

You can now learn how to master recipes, techniques or cuisines that have always eluded you, discover the lesser-known Indonesian, Dutch or Belgian cuisine or finesse your cooking skills. The Dutch Foodie @ Home offers all of this and much much more in its bespoke masterclasses.

Or you can invite The Dutch Foodie to create your most unique and bespoke culinary experience as your private chef in your home or at The Dutch Foodie @ Home

The Dutch Foodie outdoor catering

The Dutch Foodie can also cater for small events that larger caterers may not be able to support. Not everyone wants a huge fancy wedding, but what to do to mark that special day in style nonetheless? Or how about that big birthday, just with your closest friends and family? Or that dinner party or cosy family dinner, but you don’t want the hassle of cooking yourself, being hidden away in the kitchen?

Let The Dutch Foodie create your next culinary adventure.

The Dutch Foodie at Funkin for Funding

So… a little bit about me and my foodie journey so far…

I’m Marianne, proud founder and owner of my brainchild, The Dutch Foodie.

And guess what, I’m Dutch and I’m a foodie (You’d never have guessed, right?).

My family moved just over the border into Flemish Belgium when I was a toddler. Many happy memories of childhood, university and a venture into journalism in Belgium before love drew me to England in 1990. He’s long gone, I’m still in England.

As the daughter of a butcher’s son, with my uncle continuing the family butcher tradition, we enjoyed some fantastic BBQ feasts. And through this, I learned the importance of real food, the role of food as a means of sharing love and a deep care for food quality and provenance from an early age.

I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend with an expense account when studying in Brussels. So rather than the usual student debauchery, I got introduced to fabulous restaurants and good wine.

I was hooked!

Dutch and Belgian cuisine are much underrated, and I still have a deep fondness for stamppot, bitterballen, waterzooi, brown shrimp croquettes and stuffed tomatoes. And proper chips with lashings of mayonnaise!

Belgian stuffed tomatoes

During my time at Drama School (the Belgian equivalent of RADA, but that’s a whole other story), I was the proud owner of a single electric cooking ring, no fridge and no hot water. You soon learn to be resourceful to still cook semi-decent meals on a very limited budget with very limited means.

Which reminds me of the time I cooked my very first 3 course meal in my very first flat in Antwerp during when I was a freelance journalist. The long delays between courses were fodder for ridicule for years to come, as I was juggling multiple processes without experience, work surfaces or equipment to speak off, plating up on the kitchen floor.

Once in England, my BF usually arrived home before me. He was a student, I had a proper job. So he did the daily budget shopping: Ready steady cook every single day!

Lots of baking too, including mum’s infamous Dutch apple tart, nut cake, “mon chou taart” and “Schwartzwalder kirsch torte”. I eventually realized that weekly baking just for the two of us was probably overkill, and not very kind on the waist line either.

Around this time, the first Masterchef series arrived in the UK, BBC Good Food magazine was first issued, I started travelling more and the rest is history: kitchen cupboards exploding with gadgets, an extensive cookbook library and a nigh on obsession with anything and everything to do with food, both at home and away.

The Dutch Foodie outdoor catering

I am mostly self-taught, backed up by 25 years of countless cooking classes, masterclasses, workshops and courses, both in England and abroad in places like Brussels, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Mauritius.

The Dutch Foodie helping In Out international popups

But I’ve had experience in professional kitchens, behind the scenes as well as front of house too to help create, manage and support award-winning food events, International brand pop-ups, charity events, a gastro pub and a fine dining restaurant.

I’ve also been involved with the organisation of every London Diner En Blanc  since its inception in 2012, including as co-host in 2013.

Organising diner en blancFor the wine lovers among you, my personal journey with wine tastings and connections with wine experts and International sommeliers may be of interest too

I’ve been an International business woman for over 25 years, regularly travelling for business and blessed to have eaten at some of the best eateries and restaurants aorund the world.

All these experiences have helped me to hone the passion, knowledge, skills and recipes that I am now excited to share with you.

Being a home cook at heart, mostly used to cooking in a domestic kitchen, enables me to help you in your own home environment. Be it by sharing my recipes on the blog, in a masterclass or at a private event in your own home, at mine or a venue of your choice.Funkin' for fundin' charity event by The Dutch Foodie

Following numerous residential fitness boot camps and detoxes, continuing research and a nutrition course, I’ve also gained a deep appreciation of clean eating for health, juicing, avoiding processed foods, refined sugar and white starchy carbs.

But I am a gourmet at heart. Or probably a gourmand. So I admittedly dilly-dally between health and indulgence.

What is constant though, is REAL FOOD. Good, fresh, mostly organic or free-range and sustainable ingredients, preferably local and seasonal, cooked with care and attention.

I also enjoy the inventing recipes, and the challenge of adapting recipes to be healthier and more nutritious by lowering empty white carbs, gluten, fat and refined sugar without losing on taste or texture.

Food waste is a pet hate. So many recipes on the blog include ideas for using and storing leftovers. A lot of my recipes are even born from leftovers.

The Dutch Foodie at Funkin for Funding Charity eventAbove all, I believe that food brings people together. The sharing and enjoying of food is central to cultures, celebrations and day-to-day family life across the globe.

Feel free to call us, comment and share your experiences and thoughts, as we travel together on our foodie journey.


Marianne x